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  • Are you guys GMO free?

    June 8th

  • Semivegan sharing another delicious one on Instagram! #bulumulife

    May 30th

  • Maya Angelou taught us and encouraged us with her words to love and live to the fullest our ability… and then some. #ripmayaangelou

    May 28th

  • Looking for better health? Time outside may be just what the doctor ordered says Outside Magazine.


    In 2011, the National Park Service conceptualized Healthy Parks Healthy People, an initiative to increase park visitation and good health.

    May 27th

  • Orange you glad it’s (unofficially) summer? Semi-vegan put together another delicious Bulumu snack.

    // banana based smoothie bowl with oranges, blueberries, and a sprinkling of @bulumulife vanilla/almond/fruit granola.

    How do you Bulumu?

    5.21.14 • banana based smoothie bowl with oranges, blueberries, and a sprinkling of @bulumulife vanilla/almond/fruit granola.

    May 23rd

  • Your closet, your diet, bad habits.

    What are you cleaning out this Spring? #springcleaning

    May 22nd

  • Ahh summer time.. when having a Popsicle for breakfast is totally acceptable.

    The Frosted Vegan has an awesome recipe for Blueberry + Granola Breakfast Popsicles. We suggest trying with our Honey Hemp Blueberry toasted oats.

    How do you #bulumulife?

    Blueberry and granola come together to create a different popsicle frozen breakfast combo. Sweet and crunchy are married in almond milk heaven.

    May 21st

  • Where did you explore this weekend? #bulumulife

    (Inspiration by @wilddthing on Instagram)

    May 19th

  • What are you capable of?

    Outside Magazine shared this amazingly inspiring video that has us asking what is the pursuit of you. #bulumulife

    May 16th

  • Add a little crunch to your sweet treat tonight… Raspberry sorbet goes perfectly with a little Orange Ginger Bulumu on top.

    How do you #bulumu?

    May 15th

  • May 14th

  • It’s breakfast gone wild. Broiled Grapefruit with Honey Yogurt & a sprinkle of toasted oats (we prefer Orange Ginger Bulumu) from Cookie and Kate.

    How do you #Bulumu?

    Grapefruit halves topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar and broiled are a beautiful winter brunch option. Serve with honey yogurt and granola for substance.

    May 14th

  • The best dreams happen when you’re awake… #bulumulife

    Tell us what you have been dreaming about lately?

    The best dreams happen when you’re awake. #quote #inspiration #journey #typography #design

    May 13th

  • When Mother Nature gets a little ‘seasonally confused’ some will hide inside and others will bring out all the toys… What would you do?

    Live the #bulumulife.

    May 12th

  • May 9th

  • We’re so excited to help refuel everyone with goodies after the Title Nine 9K this weekend in Boulder.

    Tell Title Nine Boulder why you run! #bulumulife

    [Want to submit your story? Send your "Why I Run" as a MSWord document to t9k@titlenine.com.]

    May 9th

  • Have you crafted your own granola? What flavors do you like to experiment with? #bulumu

    May 8th

  • What’s your breakfast routine?

    Our fan @kelleyatwood shares: Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Bulumu Orange Ginger + Cranberry Granola, Fresh Strawberries and Banana.

    How do you Bulumu?

    May 7th

  • The road to happiness…

    Where did the road take you this weekend? #bulumulife

    May 5th

  • Our bet this weekend is on the horse that is eating Bulumu Toasted Oats.

    Who are you betting on this weekend’s Kentucky Derby?

    May 2nd

  • May 1st

  • Israeli cous cous / roasted grapes / kale / goat cheese – all topped with a bit of Bulumu orange cranberry ginger toasted oats.

    How do you #Bulumu?

    April 30th