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  • A little spin on the afternoon snack. Honey Hemp & Blueberry Bulumu Toasted Oats, Justin’s Almond Butter and fresh blueberries atop a tortilla.

    How do you #Bulumu?

    April 18th

  • We love seeing stories like this on Outside Magazine. It’s a reminder to get out there and pursue you everyday.

    April 17th

  • We found Granola Crusted French Toast on Healthy Delicious and subbed in a little Bulumu Toasted Oats. Sunday morning breakfast never tasted so good.

    How do you Bulumu?

    A smattering of granola gives this granola crusted French toast a nice crunch. Customize it by using whatever flavor granola you want!

    April 16th

  • Winter’s not giving up yet…. Enjoy every moment. #bulumulife

    How did you live #bulumulife this weekend? Makes us jealous and we’ll send you a Bulumu hat.

    April 14th

  • Just in time for Whole Foods Market Mango sale… A sweet snack with a little bit of toasted oat crunch.

    April 11th

  • We love mangoes and toasted oats! How do you love mangoes? (via Whole Foods Market)

    They’re on sale this Friday for one day only… http://bit.ly/1ganqf3

    April 10th

  • “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to impress people…” The Breakfast Club


    April 10th

  • Food & Wine brought toasted oats to the dinner table with their recipe. For an easier recipe substitute the homemade granola with Orange Ginger Cranberry Bulumu.

    How do you Bulumu?

    Justin Smillie tops crisp snap peas with a savory granola that includes pine nuts and kasha. Ricotta adds another layer of texture.

    April 9th

  • ‘Grand’ snacking in the #grandcanyon. #bulumulife

    How did you live the #bulumulife this weekend?

    April 7th

  • We love our toasted oats, but sometimes an active lifestyle requires something a little more grab and go.

    What’s the star ingredients in your favorite energy bar?

    April 4th

  • What do you think of our new packaging?

    Thanks The Dieline, for sharing our packaging refresh!

    Bulumu Granola needed to refresh their packaging to avoid being confused with other brands, differentiate brand assets and emphasize their product’s nutritional value within a crowded market category. They were also interested in appealing to key segments of shoppers. Zadig Works was brought on to d…

    April 2nd

  • “The mountains are calling and I must go,” these famous John Muir words have inspired us all.

    Looks like Bon Iver drummer, S. Carey, is just as inspired: http://bit.ly/1gosEzr (via Outside Magazine)

    Here’s a little musical inspiration for your Wednesday.

    Listen to S. Carey / Crown The Pines | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.

    April 2nd

  • Breakfast of champions: Flax waffles, greek yogurt, blueberries and to top it all off… a sprinkle of Bulumu.

    How do you Bulumu?

    April 1st

  • What were you in pursuit of this weekend? #bulumulife

    March 31st

  • where can i buy this if i live in buffalo, NY

    March 3rd

  • We’ve been busy and are ready to show off our hard work!

    February 26th

  • February 26th

  • Thanks for supporting the American Lung Association in Colorado; http://milehighfeedback.blog.com/2014/01/25/upcoming-american-lung-association-fight-for-air-climb-february-23-2014/

    Upcoming; American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb, February 23, 2014 American Lung Association in Colorado will be hosting a fundraiser on February 23, 2014. The Fight for Air Climb …

    January 25th

  • We need to go packs in Florida!! They are soo good for moms on the go! I got this sample in the conscious box subscription and I love it. I just don’t know where to buy the to go packs.

    January 23rd

  • Yay!

    January 21st

  • Eat Bulumu in the snow, eat Bulumu on the GO! #winterishere #skiing

    November 21st

  • Bring out the good! #pursuitofyou #bulumulife

    November 15th